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Welcome to Cake Is Food

Welcome to my personal web site. This site serves no purpose other than to express my personal interests. Though I may add other sections in the future, for now the site will comprise of two sections; one for the culinary and pastry arts, the other for photography.

The culinary page will start out fairly small. It's really a place to make recipes and information available to my friends. It's possible that I might try to grow the page in the future but I won't make any promises.

The bulk of the site will be dedicated to photography. A chance for me to show off a little and to share my passion.

Sorry,but at this moment, this site does not work well on mobile devices. We are working to resolve this issue soon. In the meantime, the site is best viewed on a display with at least 1600 pixels in width.

Also, we've noticed that for some reason the pictures do not look nearly as good on Microsoft Edge as on other browsers. We typically avoid that browser as if it had the plague but never-the-less, we will try make the site look better on it.

Hope you enjoy.

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All photographs (except the class photos on the culinary page) were taken by- and are the copyright of J. Challender and may not be used without the express written permission of the photographer.